Saturday, November 26, 2005

I am sooo bloody tired of...

Well. This post is a positive or necessarily constructive one. Maybe it's just me commiserating. But, I have to say, I'm just bloody tired of always fighting to have enough money to pay the bills.

I know. Some of you might be saying - well there Mr. BMW Mobile Studios - get rid of the Bimmer and you'd have more money. And, if I had gone out an paid a lot of money or I was carrying a huge bank note on the car I might be inclined to agree. Reality is though, my note is only $221 a month, the car is good on gas because it's only a 4 cylinder, repairs aren't completely awful - especially considering I've now got 140k miles on it. So, what else?

Well, it might be the mortgage. That's always a big chunk. Maybe the van? Nah, we own that free and clear. How about the girls school activities or dance? A mere pittance. Yet still, it's always a struggle. Nope, we don't go out to eat a lot. And, when we do go out it's usually Wendy's. You know, family of 5 for $14. I will admit to a bit of a book habit, about $5.12 per week for Agatha Christie, Poriot Investigates novels (currently on my 14th book) from Food is a killer - at least $200 a week. Heat/gas/electric - whatever is also brutal now as well.

Thing is, I make pretty good money. In fact, I make darn good money. Still, we're barely staying afloat. Nope, no big bling bling jewelry. No big screen TV or amped up stereo/sound system. However, I do have three little ones that burn through clothes like there is no tomorrow. Nope, we're not shopping at Abercrombie, more like Target or Old Navy (on sale!), some Children's Place (awesome sales - outfits for $12-14). Me, new clothes? Uhhh, that would be my new mock turtleneck (2x$12) and a pair of jeans ($20 on sale). Nope. Not that. So what is it?

Maybe it's just me. Who knows. But some days it just seems like the more I make, the faster it goes. And I've got college coming up for a 10 year old in just 8 years. Good grief.


Well, thanks for letting me commiserate. Really, I'll be fine. I think we all deal with it, I just needed to vent. Feel free to join me in the comments ;-)

Hey, and with all that, all of you keep your chins up. We will all make it, we just have to stay focused, do what we're called and follow through.



CyberGal said...

Its that 'non-existennt' inflation that is the problem. Post Office upping stamps to
$.39 in January 2006. I remember as a child, in the early -60's stamps were $.05!

A great quote:

"Courage to stick to your vision.
Courage to be true to your word and to your principles.
Courage to do the right thing, even if it takes you down a more difficult path."

Hang in my brother: if God can get CyberGal to grow up, He can truly do ANFTHING!

tregen said...

Don't buy the stuff you see on TV about everything being great. The majority of us are barely making it. I make plenty of dough but have debt up to the ceiling, drive a vw golf, have no tv or stereo, etc... things are tight all over. We are truly thinging about immigrating to another country where we can find decent work, health insurance and free education....