Monday, November 21, 2005

Ladies, don't kid yourself! It's not supposed to be pink!

I hate to be cruel, I hate to ruin anyones day but I have to say. Ladies, don't kid yourself. Your hair really is kind of pinkish, or blue or purple. And no, not because you're doing it on purpose like Pink is.

Here's the deal. Too many people out there (cause I've seen guys too) get their hair coloured without dealing with the underlying gray first! Don't do it! This is a critical mistake. If you're graying, then be sure to get the gray coloured to a darker base first, THEN, get a lighter colour. Is it more expensive? Yes. And it's worth EVERY cent. Please. Really.

Here's the bonus kicker - you'll look at least 5 years younger!

Another tip for those of us going grayer - don't kid yourself by going with a dark hair color. Face it. There are very few of us that still have dark hair into our late 40's or 50. Go with a lighter shade of a good color for your skin. You'll love it and by going with the flow you'll actually look younger than you would by obvioulsy colouring your hair darker than it should be!


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