Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Life is Not Funny

Really. It just seems not to be. Bizarre sometimes, yes. Funny, no. Chloe's life? That's funny. This kid is one of the most amped 2 year olds I've ever seen. And she's determined she's running the show. Even with her sister, my oldest, Halle.

They're in their room the other morning (all three share one room in our small Cape style home here in charming New England where $300k is a starter home) and the fun starts.

First, the start of the ritual. Chloe wakes up. Promptly upon seeing that she's the only one up she decides that it's wrong. I'm guessing that's because we still have her in a crib. We thought it was best for safety's sake. Not Chloe's, the rest of the family. I can only imagine what Chloe would do if she could get out in the house without anyone awake... But anyway. She starts the morning wake up ritual. Hawwweee! (It's how she says Halle). Hawweee? You 'wake? Hawweee. HAWWEEEE! (by this time not only do my wife and I hear her in our room - while both bedroom doors are closed - but several dogs in the neighboorhood have started barking). Halle however, being a very determined 10 year old isn't moving yet. Then Chloe really kicks in. Haawwweee! Get up! You want 'spankin?


Oh my word.

LOL. This kid is too much. First of all, you have to imagine her saying it with her tiny 2 year old voice. Then you just have to laugh at the sheer audacity of it - they 2 year old trying to strong arm the 10 year old. Oh - my - word. How funny is that?!

So, my life may not be funny - but man my kids lives certainly keep me amused!


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