Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey There Mr. Neck Hair Man - This Razor's for You!

Forgive the spoof on the "real men of genius" commercials but I couldn't resist. Well, maybe I could have but that isn't the purpose of the post!

Anyway, from the MetroMan, why is it so hard for guys to just do a little maintenance shave on the back of their neck between hair cuts? Man... one day I saw a guy with hair growing all the way down the back of his neck to, well, it must have been his back. Geesh! Hello! Anyone have a spare Gillette for this guy? Please?

Here's the deal guys: Girls DON'T think it's sexy. Chest hair - that's one thing. Nec hair? Ewwww!

So, get with the program, or at least get your hair cut more often!

PS Hey folks, this is cross posted to my brand new podcast! Yup, Metro Moment - The Metrosexual Muse for the Unwashed Masses has been launched! Check it out!

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